Welcome to my website.

I was Born in 1947, marred in 1973 and retired from work at 2002. Licensed as a Radio Amateur operator at late 1969. Antennas are part of this fantastic hobby. Antenna construction, set-up and tuning are my number one favorite. Enjoy DXing in CW. Nearly all my QSOs are in this mode. When digital modes were getting popular, decided to go digital. Start using modes such as SSTV, RTTY and later PSK31 JT65 FT8 FT4 etc. Also sending pictures with EasyPal and WSJT software is a great fun.
My antennas are all homemade. Presently I am using two types. A 7MHz dipole which I use also on 21MHz as a three half waves, and a 14MHz Off Centre Fed Vertical. In my opinion the vertical is very good for DX and apart from it's low angle of radiation it is not a directional antenna. It covers 360 degrees. It is a little bit noisy on receive. A two S points of noise is quite a lot when receiving a DX station.